Taking Care of My Mental Health | CoronaVirus

If you are looking for a top tip on how to look after your mental health at the moment, then I wanted to remind you of a small thing that we use in our house which helps with sleeping. Basically it’s the 9 o’clock rule. 

When my mum was ill it was all-consuming, especially when M and I would visit her in hospital. We would come home and talk about things, debriefing all possibilities and strategies, sometimes right up to bedtime and often after we got in bed. This meant that I had trouble sleeping and the cumulative effect of this was that eventually, I crashed my car on the way to work as I was SOO tired. 

So we started to invoke the 9’oclock rule. This meant that after a day of stressful events of ANY kind; house move, mum with cancer, being made redundant and I guess now CoronaVirus, then we can talk about it as much as we like, but all talk of it must STOP at 9pm. This really allowed my fizzing brain to calm down and focused on more “normal” things. It meant the last things I thought about didn’t necessarily give me nightmares (I’m very prone) and this strategy genuinely helped me sleep more. 

Maybe something to try? 

Gill xx 

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