The “Getting a New Dog” Plan

The “Getting a New Dog” Plan


Is it obvious what this post is about from the title? But first let me tell you about Peggy.

Peggy was a German Shepherd/Whippet cross-breed dog that we had from June 2004 until February 2013. Michael gave her to me as my 30th birthday present and honestly she was such a lovely dog, that she gave us utter joy and devotion on a daily basis.

She was, let’s say “high maintenance” in terms of temperament as she was VERY accident prone, had desperate separation anxiety and was submissive and destructive when stressed. BUT, she had such a sweet, friendly nature  and when we went out, small children would often want to come over and stroke her – she never minded.

Peggy was actually a 5-year-old rescue dog when she arrived and we never really knew anything about her history, other than her owners hadn’t got time to deal with her. We lost her in February 2013 on the Friday of my very first week at The Prince’s Trust. We have missed her so much since she went and she will never be replaced – but maybe it’s time to add another animal to our family…..

*drum roll*

We have decided to get another dog!!!!! But not yet. You see, in my current job, I work from home quite a lot, which would be ideal to settle a new dog in, but I am currently waiting to hear the results from an interview I had at work for a secondment to another role. If I am successful, it means I will be working away from home for periods, which isn’t ideal for a new dog. So the plan is this:

  1. If I don’t get offered the job, when are off in September for a week, we will get a dog then. (OMG)
  2. If I DO get offered the job, then we will get one when the secondment is over, which will be early next year. If this is the case, we might actually wait until the weather picks up, as getting a new dog in the depths of winter perhaps isn’t ideal.

There are also a couple of practical things we need to do to prepare for a dog too. Our living room looks out onto our garden with french doors and this is the way we access the garden. We have carpet in the living room and I am pretty sure it would be filthy in five minutes with a dog coming in and out all the time. So one of the things we need to do is get the carpet taken up and a wooden floor put down instead. Mops at the ready.

So there it is, the job situation is win/win really. Dog in September if I don’t get it and dog next year if I don’t. But more importantly DOG!!!!! Yippee!!!!!

G x



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