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A jam buttie is a Jam Sandwich

So earlier this week I had a jam buttie incident…. let me explain.

Yesterday I had a bad day. Work didn’t go as planned in the morning and in the afternoon I just had one of those afternoons where I was a bit bored and just basically wanting food. To top this off, I was also tired – not a great combination!

So by about 4pm I was hungry and by ‘hungry” I mean – just wanted food. I hung on for as long as I could as we didn’t have anything in that I could snack on and I KNEW a trip to the shop would be fatal. But by 4:30pm I cracked and had 4 x jam butties. Made them, threw them in my mouth and then felt less hungry by far.

However, this was not sufficient food for my evening meal, it was also WAY too early. It was also too much food for a snack and definitely not “on plan” as they say. I felt guilty.

I am very lucky that M is very good as giving me some perspective as when he got home, he made me realise that I was doing very well and that 4 x jam butties wasn’t the end of the world. He was right, it could have been SO much worse. I have blogged before that my vice as an overeater is chocolate. I have SUCH a sweet tooth. But no chocolate was eaten and my mini-binge was minor-league as incidents go.

M had been to M&S on the way home and so I had some couscous for tea, but then I found out this was quite a lot of Weight Watchers points, but at least I didn’t just order cake and chips —- I AM starting to eat in a more measured way.

I am sure if you are reading this and you’ve never been a chronic over eater you might be tempted to tell me to just get a grip. But for me, it’s so hard to not eat my feelings, like a alcoholic wanting just one little whiskey to make him/her feel better. But I know that it has to be all or nothing.

So I am sure this isn’t the first time I might just eat a little off plan, I am a human after all. I am imperfectly perfect and that’s ok.

G x

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