The Killer Cornwall Cold | Blogtober 13

The Killer Cornwall Cold | Blogtober 13

So you know when you have a burst of creative inspiration and then decide to a blog series, but then come back from a business trip feeling like death which stops everything in its tracks.. No? Just me then!!!

On my penultimate night in Cornwall I started to feel yucky and by the morning, I was feeling awful. Thankfully my flight was on time, and none of my taxi drivers wanted to chat too much.

But once I was home, my body sort of gave up the ghost and the cold took full hold. Scratchy throat, snotty nose and my nemesis, a rotten cough. I say my nemesis as I had the WORST whooping cough in 2016 and was a coughing mess for 6 weeks. *shudders*.

The next thing that inevitably happened was that M got it too. Which means that for the past week we have been in living parallel lives in the same house. Taking various cold remedies every 4 hours whilst having the energy levels of weak kittens. M has slept on our top floor for a few nights so avoid either one of us coughing too much and keeping the other one awake. I have actually worked all week and this was only possible as I work from home, but there was definitely one day when I couldn’t speak to anyone as the coughing was ROUGH!

But I think that after just over a week, we are starting to feel better. We actually went to Bents Garden & Home yesterday for breakfast and didn’t need a 2 x hour nap afterwards! They have already started their Christmas campaign and the shop was full of Christmas trees and decorations!! It feels WAY too early yet, I am only just starting to think about Halloween!

Anyway, I wanted to apologise for being absent, but now most of the cold fog has cleared, I should be business as usual!

Catch you tomorrow!

Gill x

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