Things that drive me mad!

So I try to be as positive as I can online and in real life, but of course, inevitably there are things that DRIVE me MAD!! Just to get a few things off my chest, I thought I would share a few:


  1. People that don’t need them, who park in disabled spaces
  2. People that park right outside the door of supermarkets and shops on retail parks, despite there being a couple of hundred spaces in the ACTUAL CAR PARK.
  3. People that don’t pick up after their dogs.
  4. People who do pick up after their dogs and then leave the full poo bags on tree branches or at the side of the path. WHY???
  5. People who block doorways in shops as they have stopped to have a chat with someone.
  6. Drivers that don’t use their indicators.
  7. Shop assistants who either don’t speak to you or don’t look at you when they are taking your hard earned money.
  8. Scamming phone calls, PPI, had an accident etc etc.
  9. Katie Hopkins.
  10. Donald Trump.

So yes of course, most of these are 1st world problems – but it’s all relative and as you can tell, people being selfish or thoughtless is my main bug bear. So I would love to hear what things do your head in. Sometimes we all need a little vent!

G x

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