Tricky Day

Tricky Day

Sometimes when I haven’t got much going on, I wish I was one of those people with a calendar full to the brim of social events and I can be founded stalking other people’s social media feeling jealous of their nights out.

Then other times, when my next four or 5 weekends are choc-full of things to do, I can feel a little overwhelmed. I have a feeling I am not on my own in this, or maybe I am?!

I think part of this comes from being a home bird, I really just love being at home, especially now I live in our lovely new(ish) house. So the following few weekends look like this:

  • This weekend: Taking M’s mum & dad to Liverpool, & 2 x Father’s Day Parties at our house.
  • Next Weekend: Lovely Elizabeth & Carol arrive from America and are staying with us.
  • The weekend after: It’s my birthday weekend and we are off to Anglesey.
  • The weekend after that: Elizabeth & Carol are back with us!
  • The weekend after that: St Helens Comi-con

So you see, lots of stuff, all of which are exciting, ALL of which I am looking forward to, but today I am feeling a bit aaarrrggghhh.

I have some very practical preparatory things to do like cleaning and washing  and packing and bed putting up things to do – not sure where to start really. How about I just procrastinate a bit longer and then decide to do at least one things.

Sound like a plan?!

G x

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