Trying to go Grey | Grombre Update

Trying to go Grey | Grombre Update

I thought it was high time I posted an update on where I am with the whole Grombre thing. To refresh your memory I decided earlier this year that I was fed up with constantly have to colour my hair and I was going to stop and let my hair be whatever colour it wanted, even if that was grey. Fine by me. 

But at the time, my hair was dyed a reddish brown and so I went to a hairdressers that I have been using for the last year or so and asked them for advice. The stylist said that they could dye my hair back to brown, which was closer to my natural colour so it wouldn’t be as obvious when the greys came through. However it would be £110 as they would have to lift out the red first and put in the brown. 

I did that very British thing of swallowing hard whilst thinking “F⚡ck that’s a lot of money” and also hearing myself say “That’s fine, book me in”.

So I turned up to my appointment, ready to start the transition to the new me. FF ⏩ 3 hours later, I am £120 lighter (don’t forget the tip) my hair is just brown and I am not quite sure what happened to blending it all together.

All the hairdresser had done was turned my hair brown and told me that she HAD to dye my whole head otherwise it would look odd. So I had gone from 4 months no-dye growth back to full head of dye. 😩😩😩

I have to say I was very disappointed as the consultation at the Hairdressers started off so well, but I ended up back at square one. She clearly didn’t understand what I meant, or maybe I didn’t explain myself properly. But I have, at least, realised, the only way for me I think, is to just not dye my hair and keep having it trimmed. Slowly, my natural hair colour will appear.

Wish me luck! 

G x 

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