US Election thoughts |Dear Diary

US Election thoughts |Dear Diary

2020 has been a lot hasn’t it. The first time in history when the entire global population has been through the same thing. But as I write today I am distracted by the election in the USA. Why? Mainly because I f*cking hate Donald Trump. Of course I live in the UK and it’s not my country’s politics, but his actions have global repercussions, and despite my efforts to avoid it, it turns out he has made himself ubiquitous.

He is just the worst kind of human being and the worst leader I have seen in modern times. He has no empathy, he is disrespectful to women, the LGBTQ++ community. He refused to denounce white supremacy or support the BLM movement. He has actively removed health care from milllions of people without a back up plan and whilst I believe he has made some positive economic moves, this shouldn’t be the only thing that he has done right after 4 years.

My dislike of him isn’t political, I just don’t like him. He is arrogant, a bully and even now as the votes are being counted, he is complaining in speeches that he has been cheated and there is fraudulent activity. All without ANY evidence. What a baby.

I rarely am so vitriolic publicly, whilst I rage at his antics privately, I have been called many a name for expressing even the slightest opinion, and I couldn’t be bothered by it all. But today, watching the results, I feel like I will feel better for writing this post now it looks like we will be finally rid of him.

He’s terrorised us all with his constant bile for 4+ years, let’s hope that by the end of the weekend, as if by magic, he’ll be done.

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