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Ok wow, so how is everyone doing? I think we can all agree that this is the weirdest time to live through. All the information and advice seems to have been coming and changing at the speed of light. It feels to me like I went very quickly from deciding whether or not I should go to Cornwall to realising that I had to stay 2 metres away from everyone!

One thing that has been joyful is the sheer amount of community support that has blossomed in my local area. A dedicated group has been set up in Newton-le-Willows to help people that are isolating and/or can’t get out and about for any reason. So if you live near me, then check out Newton and Earlestown Helping Hands.


Also, in my street we have a closed Facebook group and one of my lovely neighbours posted a great Rainbow idea:

I thought this was the coolest idea and it was a joy to walk around our little estate last night and see so many rainbows in windows.

What has also been great is that we have started to FaceTime our loved ones in an effort to keep in contact and M started a group chat with his sisters and mum which resulted in lots of messages flying backwards and forwards yesterday. Now I know that isn’t particularly groundbreaking, but it’s something they just never thought to do, especially as his mum is in her 80s. Gotta love a pensioner with an iPad!

Of course, with a dog we still need to go out for walks and for the most part everyone is practising social distancing and keeping away from each other. We did of course see 3 x teenage girls out last night, walking in a close knit gang which made me despair. This is so serious and I have never been more grateful that I work from home.

I am so grateful for all the NHS workers and all the other people who are continuing to be in work to help keep us safe and keep the various services working. Who knew that supermarket workers would be on the frontline and Amazon delivery drivers would be putting themselves at constant risk.

I feel so weird and unsettled, but beyond grateful to have home comforts that I do have. I will never again take for granted going out for breakfast or a seeing a film at the cinema.

But if nothing else, please just Stay at Home Everyone… if not for yourself, but for everyone else… you just never know.

Stay Safe and Stay Home


G x

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