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As you know, we have a lovely Patterdale x called Daisy who we adopted from Cheshire Dog’s Home in December 2018. She is a doggo of very simple needs, as long as she’s fed, walked and cuddled, she’s fine.

This weekend, we took her with us to Keswick for our very 1st holiday together and our expectations were high. Our previous Dog Peggy, who was also an adopted dog, was German Shepherd/Whippet x and (we now realise) a VERY athletic dog.

Peggy would walk for HOURS, and have no problem with a week away, being active for most of the day and then sleeping soundly for hours on the drive home and potentially for the next day too.

Daisy however, is a completely different story. Firstly she is much smaller than Peggy and as she was 8 when we adopted her, don’t know her history or levels of exercise. With us she gets an average of 1.5 hours exercise every day and in between does a LOT of sleeping.

So we set off for The Lakes and on the 1st day, she was a bit stressed in the car (not a fan) and so was awake for the entire 2 hours. She didn’t really settle down to go to sleep until we did, which was about 23:00. On the Saturday, we let her out about 07:00 and then she was active on and off till we got back to our hotel room around 17:00. My fitbit said I walked 13,000+ steps and over 5 miles.

On Sunday, we woke at 06:30 briefly and started our day proper at 07:45 and Daisy didn’t sleep again until we got home about 14:30.

So on an average day at home, Daisy sleeps for a whopping 16-18 hours a day and in Keswick, she probably had just 12-14 hours with a whole load of extra mental and physical exercise thrown in.


We arrived home at 14:30 and I put her favourite dog bed in the living room. When she entered the room and saw it, she literally DIVED on it in relief! 😴

She then slept for the rest of that day with brief awakenings for food and such. As it got to bedtime, we let her out and she had quickest wee in history only to run back inside and put herself to bed! The poor pupster. I think we broke her. 😱

So maybe if we do take her away again, we might have to pace ourselves and giver her a bit more time to adjust to holiday life!

G x

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