We got a cat!

Ah so what a lovely thing to be able to share with you all. About 3 weeks ago we adopted a little black cat we have called Luna from Cats Protection in Warrington and this is what happened.

In my life I have had some experience with pets. Before I met M, our family had a Westie called Penny, I had a useless ex who had a black cat called Kenny (after Kenny Dalgleish), I house shared with someone that had 2 cats called Gaz and Patsy (Gary Barlow and Patsy Kensit) and in my single years I had a budgie and a failed attempt at adopting a cat – which I was allergic to.

Since meeting M we have fostered 2 dogs called Fleur and Milo, a failed attempt with a puppy and then of course we adopted our beloved 1st dog Peggy in 2004 and her sister Daisy in 2018. But a couple of months ago, I had it in my mind that I would like to adopt a cat, so I started looking. My general thought about getting a pet is “adopt, don’t shop”, so I started glancing through the Cats Protection adoption pages.

We first found one cute little cat on the CP pages, but after we decided to think it over for a few days, when we looked at again, she had gone. So we were told that CP update their adoption pages on a Friday, so on the suggested day I looked and found a little black cat called Laura, who was a year old. We made an enquiry and this is where adopting a cat was VERY different from adopting a dog.

When you adopt a dog from a rescue, you have to meet the dog, you are told about their history and behavioural issues (there is always something). You will be assessed, sometimes with a home visit and only if you are a ”match” will the adoption be considered. We have tried to adopt a dog about 6 months ago, but where told no because we didn’t already have a dog. But whilst we were asked questions about who lived in our house and garden and how often we were at home, it was all done via an online form and we never actually spoke to anyone until the day we picked her up.

As it turns out, the Cats Protection noticed during lockdown that the absence of humans at the centre meant that the cats were settling in more quickly and so they have fully switched to online adoptions. So we enquired about “Laura”, we filled in an enquiry and were sent a couple of addtional photos and a video. We filled in more paperwork and then were give a day to collect her.

The first time we met ”Laura” was in a carrier box as we stood in reception of CP. We paid the £85 adoption fee as well as the carrier box which we bought too. Laura was now official ours and called Luna. She squeaked in the box all the way home and as instructed, we put down some water, opened the carrier and left her alone for about 90 minutes to decompress.

When we re-entered the kitchen to check on her, she was not in the box and anywhere in the kitchen we could see. We eventually found her wedged in a tiny gap between the end kitchen cabinet and the wall – where she stayed for 5 hours! She then spent the next 48 hours in a ”hide and sleep” which I also got from CP which is basically a small plastic structure which Luna could hide in.

This is a Hide and Sleep

She has now been with us for over 3 weeks and has slowly come out of her shell. She is still very timid, but does allow us to tickle her head and scratch her belly. My dad came over in the week and Luna just ran upstairs out his way – so we still have some work to do to help her feel confident. But wow… having a cat is much easier (in my opinion) than having a dog. She came already litter trained and is very happy to play and sleep. Lovely.


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  1. hy lovely, Gillyblogs. Laura luna is just adorable. We had RUBYa rescue cat for 21 yrs. and after a little while missing her and grieving. we now have our beloved Phoebe who is six. All stay safe n well x

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