Weigh In Day 11/7 | Getting Healthy

Steps walked on the first day!

So the score on the scales this week is  *drum roll* I stayed the same weight as last week. But I am not downhearted at all, in fact I am quite pleased. Cake has been eaten this week, more than once and I definitely had a holiday week in terms of food, so a STS is very fitting. I think the reason for this result, rather than a gain is that BOY did I also do some walking last week!

Step Total

  • Tuesday: 3,798
  • Wednesday: 17,688
  • Thursday: 14,782
  • Friday: 3,691
  • Saturday: 16,161
  • Sunday: 1,846
  • Monday: 2,633

Total Steps for the week: 60,599 which is an average of 8,567 – which for me is massive. You can see a couple of the days I didn’t really do much but a couple of the days were HUGE walking days. (Wednesday and Thursday in Edinburgh and Saturday in Anglesey).

New week as started, I feel positive and confident to carry on with healthy choices. Here’s to a new week!

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