Weigh In Day 18/7 | Getting Healthy

For many reasons that I can’t tell you about (top secret sorry) I have had a very good day. Especially at my WW meeting.

After last week when  I stayed the same, this week I lost 2lbs!! So that works out as:

  • 79lb to lose
  • 19lbs lost (in about 10 weeks)
  • 60lbs to go

Which means I’ve lost just over 8% of my original body weight and 5lbs to go until I reach 10% loss. But to be dead honest with you, I do still have bad food days, where the old habits kick in and I reach for for food based comfort, but they aren’t anything like they were and I am much more able to go back to the straight and narrow. Healthy choices and healthy life is what I am aiming for. Happier in my body and body confidence.


p.s. I did the Race for Life on Sunday and LOVED it!!

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