Weigh in Day 4/7 | Getting Healthy

Weigh in Day 4/7 | Getting Healthy

I had to lose: 79.5lbs
Lost this week: -0.5lbs
Total Lost: -17lbs

So not an enormous loss this week, but honestly a pretty good week food and exercise wise. Also it was my birthday mid-week and I just wanted to share with you a quick list of how I had a birthday AND  a long weekend away in Anglesey and still managed to lose weight!

  • I didn’t have a birthday cake, so I wasn’t tempted. I actually ate a gorgeous fruit salad instead
  • We didn’t eat out at all whilst we were in Anglesey. We actually went to Asda every day and bought something to cook with for tea.
  • We made granola and a massive fruit salad to have for breakfast or dessert and ate that.
  • We didn’t eat the complimentary Bara Breith that was left in our cottage by our hosts.
  • We walked somewhere every day.
  • We took fruit and healthy snacks.
  • We prepared low fat lunches.

So (no surprise) that a bit of planning, preparation and exercise where the key and even though it wasn’t a massive loss, it’s still a loss. So Happy days!!

p.s. here I am in Anglesey -17 lbs down…





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