Weigh In Day | 8th August | Getting Healthy

Weigh In Day | 8th August | Getting Healthy

Oh. My. God. I went to Weight Watchers tonight to “face the scale”. I hadn’t really that strict with my points over the last couple of days and honestly I felt heavy if anything today. But as I stepped onto the scale it registered a 2lb loss! My leader looked at me and said “2.5lbs on” and I understandably looked confused. She had misread 0.5 as 5.0 and after I hopped off the scales and then back on to clarify, the second weigh in showed a 2.5lb loss!!!

So here are my stats:

I am pretty impressed with my little self. I also noticed a slight change in exercise today when I visited Blackpool Football Club. As I arrived at the club, one of the young people I had come to see told me that presentation I was attending was on the 2nd floor which was 4 flights of stairs and I could take the lift. But I happily skipped up the stairs and wasn’t THAT out of breath at the top. I realised much later that my attitude towards that sort of stuff has really changed. I have gone from:

  • I am NOT walking up the stairs – where is the lift? ⬇
  • Begrudgingly saying to myself “Oh I guess I had better take the stairs, I guess it’s good for me” ⬇
  • Today: No, it’s ok, I will take the stairs. ?

So that’s me this week, 23.5 lbs down after 14 weeks, lots of lbs to go, but honestly I am feeling SO much better. Apparently too I have only got 1.5lbs to go until I have lost 10% of my original body weight. Go bloody me.

G x

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