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6th June 2017

I had to lose: 79.5lbs
Lost this week: -1.5lbs
Total Lost: 11.5lbs

Biggest Challenge

I felt very tired and hungry all week for some reason, just a bit bleurgh after our lovely weekend away. It affected my mood all week. Also I weighed myself at home before I went to my Weight Watchers meeting and it showed me to be a to have lost 2lbs more than I actually had. Lessons learned, I should just stick to my meeting weigh in.

Biggest Buzz

Realising that I now have to have my watch fastened up a notch. It wrist must be a bit thinner! Also I tried on some jeans and random summer trousers that I had in my wardrobe and quite a lot of them fit me. Some of them definitely didn’t last Summer! Yippee!!

So overall a good week, the clothes fitting me is exactly what I wanted to happen, More please!!!

G x

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