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Oh I am so nervous to write this post for many different reasons, but mainly because this whole thing has been quite the journey over the last year. Ok I am stalling, I know… but I would like to introduce you to Daisy.

Daisy joined us from Cheshire Dogs home just before Christmas and she is just lovely. She is a 7 year old Patterdale Terrier X breed, originally from Romania and now resident in Newton-le-Willows. 😍

But before we get into things, we should probably clear something up first, (elephant in the room and all that). If you were following me back in May, you would have seen that we adopted a Cockapoo puppy and named her Daisy and if you’re thinking that it’s weird that we have called our newest family member Daisy too, then I am hear to tell you that this was honestly her name when we met her. Named many years ago by someone else, and it’s just a coincidence ☺. Also, we didn’t end up keeping puppy Daisy, too sad, I’ll let you read my post.

The path to us getting a new dog has been a tough one and if I am being honest, this was our 5th attempt. Previous attempts have included adopting the aforementioned puppy, fostering a lovely dog called Fleur from a local rescue centre, almost adopting a 9 year old Jack Russell from the internet and then finally we nearly adopted a lovely puppy from Cheshire Dogs Home in October. But for one reason or another none of these worked out and I had almost just given up. Thank goodness I didn’t.

Daisy came to us without much history, other than they thought she might have been a street dog back on Romania, they didn’t know if she was house trained and that she had been out to foster once before and escaped, so was brought back.

She has fitted right into our family and the toilet training is going ok (blog with tips to follow). She is a quiet, fairly chilled dog that we haven’t heard bark yet! She seems great with other dogs and seems fine being left for 4 hours and at night. So far so good.

We have already taken her to an off-lead place as she doesn’t have great recall, but we have enrolled her/us onto a Good Citizen Course which starts at the end of January.

I will definitely be writing more blogs as we get to know Daisy and hopefully I can can share some of our adventures.

Happy January everyone.

G x

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