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What to blog about at the moment? There is nothing really happening in the world sooooo..

Yep, as I write this (Sunday 15th March 2020) we are right in the middle of a CoronaVirus, COVID-19 pandemic. That sounds like the plot to a film, but nope, this is REAL life!

I really didn’t think I was too bothered, but there was a point last week that I realised that I really really was. I work for a national charity and my work regularly takes me 250 miles away to Cornwall. Until recently, I have been mostly flying down using Flybe, but with Flybe’s collapse about 2 weeks ago, I had to re-book my travel via train.

But… amid growing concerns about travel and the lightening-fast changes in information and infection rates, I took the decision NOT to travel to Cornwall on, what have probably always been, germ-infested trains. Thankfully I am as healthy as I usually am, but both M and I have parents over 70 and members of my close family all have underlying health issues. Frankly, it’s a worry.

I won’t repeat any information that is fully available from Public Health, the NHS and similar, but this whole experience is like nothing else I have ever experienced.

The current buzz phrase is self-isolation but I work from home and so self-isolation would be no different for me! However, I am already feeling territorial about our office in case M has to stay home!

One thing that has baffled me is the people panic buying WAY too much shopping, in particular toilet roll. I saw someone this morning coming out of Bargain Booze with 3 x 4 packs of toilet roll and a huge bottle of vodka. What on earth is she expecting/planning???

But amongst it all, M and I have a 1st world problem of our own. Last year, we booked a holiday to Crete for April this year, but we were gutted when our travel agent Thomas Cook went into administration and everything was cancelled. Thankfully though we got our money back and managed to book the exact same holiday which a different agent. As of today there are no restrictions on travel to Greece, but things are changing so fast, it’s impossible to predict as Spain, France and Italy are already in partial or full lockdown.

Also, next Sunday is Mother’s Day and whilst my mum is no longer with us, M does have his mum and in fact, we were meant to be hosting a little family get-together. But after some careful thought, we have decided to cancel. M’s parents have recently been unwell and are in their 80s and we didn’t want to put them at risk. M works for the NHS and I work for a charity and there is I could expose very vulnerable people to something that wouldn’t affect me but really affect them.

We aren’t completely self-isolating, but we are limiting contact wherever possible. So this week, no extended travel for me, which means not really going anywhere, to be honest.

What a time though. What a worrying time. All we can really do is help each other through this and for the love of God, STOP buying ALL the loo roll and pasta!

G x

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