What a successful day

Today I Gilliblogsam 3 days into a 4 day weekend and it’s been gloriously successful. Let me catch you up…

Friday was a day for a bit of rest and relaxation, with our only trip out to Harefield Coffee Barn to meet M’s parents for brunch. It’s really a lovely place and we had a fab time, except for when the roof started to leak and drip on me. Oops. We just chilled out for the rest of the day, sort of Staycation stylie.

Yesterday, we unashamedly went out to ChouxChouxbedo on Newton-le-Willows High Street and as usual had some fabulous food and M and I had a fab discussion about who we would choose to spend time with if we could only spend:

  • 1 full day with someone
  • 1 hour with someone
  • 5 minutes with someone

The rule were, that they had to be alive, but that was all. I chose to spend a full day with Oprah, I think I would learn SO much. 1 hour with Justin Timberlake – I would make him sing to me. AND controversially, I would spend 5 minutes with Donald Trump – to see if he really was as crackers as he appears.

Then today, today has been a good day because I feel like I have achieved everything I wanted to. I was playing around with some features in WordPress, since I switched a few weeks ago, and I was struggling with some of the technical aspects. But I have learned over the years, that if I can’t do something, put it down and come back to it the next day.

True enough I got up this morning and within 30 minutes, I fixed the problem and off I went. I managed to do some really important back end maintenance to the blog and by the end of the day, I was really pleased with my efforts.

THEN I moved onto editing some footage I shot at a work event on Thursday and got it all ready for publishing on my YouTube channel. Result!!!!

You see on Friday I was feeling a bit flat and not sure I was going to enjoy my 4 days off work, which is an odd feeling. So it felt good today to feel like I was kicking ass. Go me.

G x



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