What does 2020 hold for me? | Gilliblogs

What does 2020 hold for me? | Gilliblogs

I write this as I have just finished my 1st day back at work for 2020 and it’s started to make me think what this year holds for me? In fact, what does this decade hold for me?

In 2010 I was 35, living in Haydock with my partner, employed by a voluntary sector organisation and I was the adopted mum of a German Shepherd x breed called Peggy. I started 2020 aged 45, living in Newton-le-Willows, now married, employed by a voluntary sector organisation and I am the adopted mum of a Romanian dog called Daisy.

So some things have moved on, but the important things have stayed the same. In some ways 2010 – 2020 was wonderful, I got married to the love of my life, I turned 40, moved into a house with a garden (dream come true). I went to America twice and had some of the most amazing holidays. My sister also got married, and had one of our two amazing nieces as well as having an amazing job as WELL as teaching aerobics at night! She is superwoman make no mistake about that!

Some things have been rubbish too, in a very short period of time, I lost my last remaining Grandparent Jessie, one of my oldest friends, Peggy dog and of course in 2015, I lost my mum. Too sad to write too much about, but I am hoping that this next decade brings more happy than it does sad.

In 2020 I do have the tiniest of things planned, including a holiday to Crete in April, but beyond that, the year is a blank canvas. I think that this might be the first time in a good few years where we don’t have a big birthday or anniversary to celebrate! There are a few things we want to be done in the house, so that might mean a few projects, but otherwise, I am open to offers 2020!

It’s always hard plunging back into normal life after an extended break, especially at Christmas, but it’s also cool to think about all the things that could happen this year… I am particularly looking forward to:

  • The pink buds appearing on the tree in our front garden, the colour is beautiful.
  • Snow – one can live in hope… (I ❤ snow!)
  • Feeling the warmth of the Cretian sun on my face
  • Taking day trips to the Beach
  • Cooking more
  • Baking more
  • Box Sets Galore

G x

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