Why I won’t watch Trump’s Inauguration

So today Donald J Trump is being inaugurated as the new President of The United States. The outgoing President is of course of Barack Obama, the first black president of the US and certainly from an overseas perspective, very impressive. But we will come back to that.

I am a lover of modern history and by that I mean I set great store in keeping up to date with modern events and making sure I absorb the details of our current life and times. I’m simply interested. I will make a definite point of sitting down and watching important events both around the world and especially UK events. When Prince William married Kate Middleton in 2011, I had a do! I invited my Gran and M’s parents around for a viewing party and had bunting and flowers and we all sat in front of the TV for the entire day taking every second of the Royal Wedding in. M’s mum & dad had brought champagne with them to toast the Royal Couple and even my Gran, who was a non-drinker, had a soupçon. We had quite the day!

I even made a real effort to watch Margaret Thatcher’s Funeral, as whilst I didn’t agree with her politics, in fact I think they ruined the country for a short while, I admired her for being a woman in tough job. She broke a glass ceiling.

BUT…. I just can’t watch Trump’s inauguration. He is a vile human being. The politics don’t interest me to some extent, although I think if I WAS American, I would be a Democrat. But that aside, the fact that a man like Donald Trump is going to be the leader of one of the most influential countries in the world is SO SO worrying. He constantly lies in his statements, he mocks the disabled, he has and continues to make racist and misogynistic statements with absolutely no sense of remorse, self-awareness or regret.

He recently TWEETED about America’s nuclear capabilities and it’s been said before, but if someone can’t be trusted with their own Twitter account, how can a country hand him the launch codes?

OK, it’s fair game to say to me, “What do you care, you don’t even live in the US!”. Yes you are right, I live in the North West of England, but it does still affect me. It will affect the pound against the dollar, it will affect international relationships. It will provoke relationships that are already tense and the last thing we need in ANY circumstance is more tension. Especially when the irked people have firepower.

Donald Trump seems to have a weird thing going on with President Putin and Nigel Farage – aka Mr Homophobic and Mr Racist. I mean – what will the world look like in 4 years time? Will we be at war? Will he have built the wall? Will the UK still have a “special relationship” with the US?

I dunno what to expect. But I am worried. President Obama seems to have been a good guy, with good intentions that welcomed equal marriage and Obama Care. Things that the UK sort of take for granted these days, but it’s not about us.

Obama seemed to be a gentleman and a driver of change. As a black man, I am sure he felt a huge responsibility to win people over, more than any other president. Well I am here to tell you Barack, if I could, I would have voted for you – well obviously if President Barlett didn’t mind!! 🙂

So no, I won’t be watching the inauguration – I just can’t see that man be sworn in. The only good thing about it, is that when it’s over, every minute that goes past, is a minute closer to it ALL being over.

G x



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