Why we re-homed our puppy | pupdate

Why we re-homed our puppy | pupdate

So a question I have been asked a lot since I posted that we returned Daisy for re-homing, is why? I have really debated about whether or not to post this, but what I am about to share is still quite raw and so I am disabling comments on this post.

I have always been someone that loves dogs, some women’s wombs twang when babies are around, for me, it’s always been dogs. We lost Peggy dog in 2013 and it took until now (2018) to feel ready to adopt another dog. We searched various animal rescues for a while, but nothing felt quite right and so we took a decision to get a puppy.

We selected a breeder and after a single visit, we met Daisy an 11 week old Cockapoo and I fell in love. We then went on holiday for a few days to celebrate a family birthday and then came back a day early to collect our new fur baby.

This is the point in the story, where it’s supposed to get a bit happy, mischievous with a wave on social media posts showing how cute our puppy was,  lots of little laughing about all the cute things she does.
Below is an example of what actually happened:

Daisy just never settled with us, she was hyper from morning till night. We fully immersed ourselves in our furbaby,  giving her 100% of our attention, even getting up every 2 hours in the night to take her out for a potty break. We worked hard on her toilet training, bought her a plethora of chewing toys, 3 different sized crates and registered her with our local vet and puppy classes.

But Daisy didn’t settle.  Daisy had 2 speeds, either full on go, or fast asleep. When we could eventually walk her, it was limited to 2 x 15 minute walks a day (due to her age) and we thought this would tire her out. But especially at night, this would make her MORE hyper and one night at 10:30pm I had to physically restrain her after almost 3 hours of being awake and either playing/walking/zoomying. Puppies are supposed to sleep 18 hours a day!

Every evening it would take almost an hour to settle her down enough to go to sleep with me always having to sit on the floor near her bed so she could fall asleep in between my legs. Then, like a baby, I would have to delicately transfer her to her bed and I couldn’t move as she would just wake up. I had to wait until she was 100% sound asleep before I could get into bed myself.

After 16 long days M and I had a very tough conversation where we both admitted we weren’t having fun and maybe Daisy wasn’t the dog for us. We called the breeder and they agreed to take back. I couldn’t bear for things to be pro-longed, so we took her back immediately. I cried as I handed her back over and as we got back in the car, we both just gave in to all the emotions. Heartbroken.

Most people have been very kind to us both about what happened, others no so much, but there is really nothing I can or want to do to change people’s opinion of me or my decisions.

Adopting Daisy took was a decision we didn’t take lightly and deciding to give her up was just devastating. I do hope that there is a doggy out there for us, I haven’t lost hope, one day.

G x



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